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The fastest way to browse photos, watch videos,
view PDFs and preview documents on your Mac.

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Requires OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" or 10.11 "El Capitan"
Last Updated: October 7, 2016

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What Is Fileloupe?

Fileloupe is a lightweight, incredibly high performance media browser for OS X. It provides a richer set of features for displaying files than the Finder does and it handles displaying multiple items much better than an application like Preview or QuickTime Player does.

Fileloupe gives you a single application for efficiently browsing photos, watching videos, viewing PDFs and previewing documents, all from within the same window. It is the ideal application for when you need to quickly view files regardless of their type or where they are located.

Media Player PDF Viewer Document Browser

Highlight Features

No Master Library

Preview your files from wherever they are without the need to import them into a master library or a proprietary database. Your files stay right where they are and are never moved or copied.

Advanced Video Playback Controls

Watch your videos with advanced playback controls that allow for slow-motion viewing, frame stepping, bi-directional scrubbing, gesture support and vertical orientation correction.

Optimized PDF Viewing

Take advantage of Fileloupe's optimized PDF rendering modes to experience fluid scrolling and smooth zooming when dealing with complex documents like maps, blueprints and engineering schematics.

Extreme Performance

Spend more time viewing and less time waiting. Fileloupe can import, sort and filter thousands of photos, movies and documents with ease. You don't have limits, so Fileloupe doesn't either.

No Master Library
No Proprietary Database

Unlike most existing applications that are designed for browsing your media, Fileloupe does not use a master library or proprietary database. As a result, there's no lengthy import process and Fileloupe never moves or copies your files in any way. You also never have to worry about managing multiple libraries or rebuilding databases. Fileloupe is fast enough to load your files on-the-fly from wherever they are, including local folders, external hard drives and even direct from memory cards.

Advanced Video Playback Controls

Fileloupe's video playback controller has been designed with today's action cameras, DSLR cameras and smartphones in mind. With full support for slow motion playback, precise frame positioning and bi-directional scrubbing, you have all the controls you need to see if you got the shot, or not.

Video Playback Features

  • Export frame to image
  • Adjust playhead frame-by-frame
  • Quickly replay the last 2 or 5 seconds
  • Flip vertical orientation of video during playback
  • Track scrubbing with trackpad gestures and mouse movements
  • Bi-directional playback rates of 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, and 30x
  • Bi-directional slow-motion playback rates of 1/2x, 1/4x and 1/8x

Sort. Filter. Flag.

Sort the items you've loaded by name, date, size or kind to control the order in which they are displayed.

Use Fileloupe's smart filter bar to filter the items that are displayed based on their type or their name. For even more control, you can choose a specific file type to filter on and which part of the item's name to match against.

Create a quick collection of items by flagging the ones you're interested in as you view them. To view only the items you've flagged, just toggle the Flagged button on the filter bar.

Metadata Inspector

Fileloupe's inspector sidebar displays common file information, as well as extended details for file types that include embedded metadata. Choose whether you prefer to have the inspector sidebar on the left side or the right side of the window from within Fileloupe's preferences.

File types with custom inspector panels:

  • Applications
    • Build Number
    • Version
    • Executable Name
    • Bundle Identifier
    • Copyright
  • Fonts
    • Postscript Name
    • Fullname
    • Family
    • Style
    • Glyph Count
    • Languages
    • Designer
    • Manufacturer
    • Trademark
    • Copyright
    • Version
  • PDF Documents
    • Title
    • Subject
    • Auther
    • Page Count
    • Version
    • Date Created
    • Date Modified
    • Copyable Status
    • Printable Status
    • Encrypted Status
    • Locked Status
    • Content Creator
    • Encoding Software
  • Photos
    • Date Captured
    • Pixel Dimensions
    • F-Number
    • Exposure Time
    • Focal Length
    • ISO Speed Rating
    • Flash
    • Camera Make
    • Camera Model
    • Lens
    • City
    • Country
    • Altitude
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Contact
    • Credit
    • Copyright
  • Videos
    • Pixel Dimensions
    • Duration
    • Frames per Second
    • Number of Audio Channels
    • Media Data Rate
    • Color Profile
    • Codecs
    • Title
    • Description
    • Authors
    • Genre
    • Keywords
    • Copyright

Optimized PDF Viewer

Complex PDF documents like maps, blueprints and engineering schematics tend to be extremely frustrating to work with because scrolling, zooming and window resizing operations can be painfully slow.

Fileloupe's built-in PDF viewer includes a secondary display mode that has been specifically optimized to provide fluid scrolling and smooth zooming for even the most complex PDF documents. You'll quickly save time and money by being able to efficiently navigate and display your documents.


Drop a video on a timeline, place an image into a document or copy files to a folder are just some of the things you can do with Fileloupe's integrated support for copy & paste and drag & drop.

Easily open any selected item in its native application or in any compatible application using the convenient Open With menu item.

Use the Show In Finder menu item to quickly reveal the selected item in a Finder window without having to find it yourself.


Fileloupe makes sharing items incredibly easy because it includes full support for the built-in sharing extensions that are a part of OS X Yosemite.

You can share an image to a social network, upload a video online for others to watch, email a document to a colleague or perform any number of other actions depending on which extensions you have configured.

And because sharing extensions are extensible by third-parties, the number of ways in which you can share items from within Fileloupe is constantly growing.

Virtual Copies

Fileloupe's Duplicate Item feature allows you to create a virtual copy of an item without actually creating a secondary copy on your hard drive. Both items are independant of each other and each has their own viewer that is separate from the other.

Virtual copies are a fantastic feature if you want to read non-sequential pages of a PDF document (e.x.: pages 22 & 45), or want to compare different sections of a movie at the same time.

Nightime Daytime
Daytime Nightime

Fileloupe's main window can be styled with either a light colored theme or a dark colored theme depending on your preference. The light colored theme blends in perfectly with the default OS X theme while the dark colored theme is designed to work in harmony with OS X's Dark Mode.

You can set which theme Fileloupe uses for new windows and which theme Fileloupe uses in full screen mode from within Fileloupe's preferences window.

Extreme Performance

Offering the absolute fastest performance possible isn't just a marketing term or something we hope to add later. For Fileloupe, performance is a core feature and one that has driven development and the user experience since day one. Every single feature in Fileloupe has been tuned to offer the very best user experience whether you have ten items loaded or ten thousand items loaded.

A fully multi-threaded architecture allows Fileloupe to take full advantage of all of the CPU cores on your computer. Importing thousands of files takes a fraction of the time that traditional media management applications take. Scrolling is incredibly fluid with full 60 frames-per-second rendering. Removing and flagging items is near instantaneous while sorting and filtering are remarkably fast. Even window resizing and split-view resizing has been optimized to be as smooth and efficient as possible.


Import and sort by name 8,871 photos from local folder. 0.6s
Import and sort by name 4,435 mixed files from local Dropbox folder. 0.8s
Import and sort by name 84,498 items from USB drive. 3.4s
Filter by type 11,523 RAW files from 84,498 mixed files. 0.2s

(Benchmarks performed on a 2013 MacBooK Air. Your results may vary.)

Third Party Plugin Support

Using Apple's powerful Quick Look technology, third party developers can create plugins that allow Fileloupe to display thumbnails and previews for files not natively supported.

Numerous plugins already exist that can be downloaded and installed which add support for:

  • Adobe InDesign Files
  • Comma Separated Files (CSV)
  • Markdown Files (MD)
  • Microsoft Office Documents
  • StereoLithography Files (STL)
  • ZIP Archives (ZIP)
  • ... and many more

(Third party plugins do not endorse, nor are they endorsed by, Fileloupe. Some plugins may require an additional purchase.)

Fileloupe is not a file editor
Fileloupe is not a file manager

It is important to understand that Fileloupe was explicitly designed to not include features that would be commonly found in a file manager or a file editor. The vision behind Fileloupe is not to replace either type of application but rather to compliment them by bridging the gap between their respective feature sets.

File Manager Operations

Use the Finder, Spotlight or Terminal to:

  • Perform system-wide searches

  • Browse folders in a hierarchical manner

  • Move, copy, rename, duplicate or delete files

  • Create, copy, rename, duplicate or re-organize folders
File Editing Operations

Use an editor like Final Cut Pro X, Preview or Photos to:

  • Edit documents
  • Create or annotate PDF documents

  • Rotate, crop or enhance photos
  • Trim, edit, export or convert videos

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Fileloupe requires OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" or OS X 10.11 "El Capitan".
(OS X 10.12 "Sierra" is not yet officially supported.)

Download Free Trial Copy of Fileloupe 1.4.7

† Fileloupe does not add support for any additional image, video
or file formats that are not already supported by OS X.

‡ Not all PDF functionality is supported in optimized mode. Some
PDF content might not be displayed for certain documents.